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Rawahel El Kuwait

About Rawahel Company

Rawahel Company is a shareholding company working in the field of public transportation

Rawahel Al-Kuwait Transport Company

The company was founded in 2007 with the help of the basic subscribers' experience in the field of transportation and investment to benefit from the most growth opportunities available in Kuwaiti transportation market. In addition to taking the advantages so as to get into the railways of the sector with the aim to establish an integrated network which will link the crowded areas in Kuwait, both the nearby and the far most ones. This integrated transportation network is considered as one of the most ambitious projects for which the company has contributed to provide the necessary studies and the consultations. Since its foundation, the company has been working in the transportation field to launch a quantum leap in the transport market according to creative, new and modern criteria compatible to the clients' needs and ambitions besides covering requirements different sectors with Maintaining criteria of safety and security relating to its products. Furthermore, the company is endeavoring through its teamwork to convert the transportation sector into an essential and effective part in the national economy based upon a creative and clear strategy to develop this sector.

Company's message

Commitment of providing everlasting creative and sophisticated services withen an integrated work system under the highest standards of safety.

Company's vision

To be a leading company in the field of transportation using the most advanced and favorable means of technology.

Company's services

Providing transport services outside Kuwait among GCC countries. Transporting services inside Kuwait for all sectors and activities. Supplying modern vehicles to serve in tourist and entertainment sector. Providing recent vehicles for weekly family trips. Providing vehicles for schools and universities. .

Company's objective

Providing a diversity of transport services of high quality to meet the variable market requirements and needs. Creating backing aids in means of transportation going with the development in different sectors. Keeping the highest standards of criteria and measures throughout services and productions. Achieving the strategic expansion relating to the company's capabilities and services. Converting the transportation sector to a basic pillar and a way of life in the society. Focusing on safety and security standards.

Our vehicles are the best due to the fact that we provide several means of entertainment Making traveling a unique fun.

Providing USB service, a charger on each seat. Providing internet service Wi-Fi inside the vehicles. Providing two screens, LED for further amusement. Providing refrigerators for keeping the food well in vehicles. Fully equipped toilets. Wide places for storing and keeping food. Providing first aid kit. The ability to redistribution and position the internal seats according to passengers' desire. Designing private seats.