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Terms And Conditions

  • The traveler must show up at the departure station at least 30 Minutes before the trip time. In order to allow time for boarding procedures and prevent any delays.

  • Bus stops only for passengers at the official stations according to the declared route of the trip

  • Reaching to the departure station prior to the trip time is the sole responsibility of the traveler. In case the passenger misses the trip, the ticket is considered null and void and is not entitled to request a refund or compensation.

  • The bus is not allowed to return to the station or the gathering point again to pick up the passengers who are missing the trip after the bus has moved on schedule.

  • Trips may be canceled or modified. This may be the result of factors beyond the Company's control such as weather, road accidents, security instructions, emergency technical problems or any other compelling circumstances. In this case, the passenger is not entitled to claim compensation because of any damages caused by this cancelation or delay.

  • The Company shall not be responsible for any expenses that the traveler may incur in case of a delay occurs in departure or arrival time. No compensation or restitution may be claimed if there is a delay of one hour or less than scheduled.

  • Blue Bus will do its utmost to provide all the services and means advertised on the designated trips according to the service category specified in the passenger ticket such as Wi-Fi, private screen, meals, etc. But in case of non-availability, no refund or compensation is subject to claim.

  • The passenger shall comply with the instructions of the driver during the voyage. The passenger is responsible for any damage that may be caused to the seats, screens or any equipment of the bus saloon. The traveler shall bear the value of damages and damages as well as legal liability in the case of rejection of the compensation specified by the company.

  • If the traveler wishes to make any observations or complaints regarding the service, the traveler may submit only through the official channels such as the company's branch, the hotline or the official website and within five days from the date of arrival. Investigation and feedback to the traveler within 14 days.